Audio-visual space Achille Mir


Audio-visual space  ACHILLE MIR Here, two short films may be seen (only in French). The keys of Quéribus This is a documentary, twenty one minutes long, retracing the history and the architectural evolution of Quéribus Castle. It has some stunning views taken from the air, and a commentary by David Maso archaeologist and tour guide. The film complements your visit to the castle, or may be watched instead of a visit by those with mobility problems, or in case of inclement weather. The Sermon of the Curé de Cucugnan This is a seventeen minute animated film, [...]

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Homer’s windmill


HOMER'WINDMILL At the very top of the village stands the windmill, built on solid rock above three flat areas which once were threshing floors, and prove the importance of wheat in the valley now given over to vines. The economy of the village then depended on grain, sheep, goats and some vines. The windmill was first mentioned in documents dated 1692, and belonged to the feudal lord until the Revolution of 1789. It was described as being in ruins in 1838. Both the building and the milling mechanism were restored to working order in 2003. Since 2006, Cucugnan again [...]

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The church saint Julien and sainte basilissa


The church saint Julien and sainte Basilissa The first documentary mention of the church dates from 1360. The church is dedicated to Saint Julien and Saint Basilissa, two eastern martyrs, which suggests that the religious foundation dates back to ancient times. Until the nineteenth century the church stood at the top of the hill, above the rest of the village, within the fortifications of the castrum. It was battered by all winds and foul weather, and became dangerous to worshippers. It was therefore pulled down around 1860, and rebuilt on its present site. With its [...]

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