Audio-visual space  ACHILLE MIR

Here, two short films may be seen (only in French).

The keys of Quéribus

This is a documentary, twenty one minutes long, retracing the history and the architectural evolution of Quéribus Castle. It has some stunning views taken from the air, and a commentary by David Maso archaeologist and tour guide.
The film complements your visit to the castle, or may be watched instead of a visit by those with mobility problems, or in case of inclement weather.

The Sermon of the Curé de Cucugnan

This is a seventeen minute animated film, which exactly follows Alphonse Daudet’s famous text taken from Letters from my Windmill. The artwork is original, but true to the spirit of the work. It is recommended to all who wish to revisit Daudet’s story.

This story, of a vicar who recounts an imaginary dream in order to bring his erring parishioners back into the fold, was part of Occitan oral tradition. In fact several versions exist :
In 1859 Blanchot de Brenas visited Cucugnan, heard the story at an evening gathering, and wrote a version in French (in prose).
In 1867 Joseph Roumanille wrote it in Provençal (in prose).
In 1869 Alphonse Daudet published it in French (in prose).
In 1884 Achille Mir wrote it in Occitan (in verse).

Thanks to Achille Mir and especially to Alphonse Daudet, to the versions recorded by Fernandel and by Alain Barrière, and to Fernand Sardou’s film, our vicar has become famous.

There is also the poem in French written and recited
by Henri Gougaud , whose unforgettable, warm, southern voice was heard in the theatre here from 1994 to 2010, transporting his audience back to the picturesque world of Cucugnan in the “good old days”.

Quéribus vue aérienne
Le paradis

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